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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Gregory Euclide

"Broken Morning"
52 x 40
Acrylics, Pen, Pencil, Litho Tape, Stickers, Sumi, Letterpress

"All of my work is inspired by the same thing and I find that there is a similar feel throughout the work because of it... I have always been interested in the experience of place.

This particular work is about a morning coming to life. Waking up. Breaking. It is the river becoming visible again. It is the breeze moving scent.

The feeling of being in that space.

Red always seems to be the color of sunsets or sun rises for me... it has something to do with the bringing of energy...

I use many symbols in the work .. some of them are stamped into the work with lead type.. mostly N's C's and H's (Nitrogen, Carbon, High pressure, or Hydrogen) other symbols are tied up in the mark-making. Such as the way a line is drawn. Much of the way the drawing unfolds resembles the patterns in nature.

Broken Morning is about the sweeping feeling of the landscape in the morning as the sun is rising and the winds are starting to pick up. It is plants sending seeds, rivers that never stop, flight patterns and air currents. Rubylith (the red tape) is usually a sign of potential. In this work it becomes how the potential breaks apart and becomes what it is. Nested back, behind the river, is a little area of darkness, a grove that is yet to be touched by the sun - unknown... The day brings light and with the day we make a platform to experience and know.

This work took 6 - 8 hours to make. It is acrylic, pen, pencil, rubylith, sumi, and stickers."

By Gregory Euclide


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think what you are doing is really awesome.

9:44 AM  
Anonymous Sarah said...

I think this piece of yours is great, as is all the rest of your work. Your brushstroke is really beautiful and graceful - I'm happy to be sharing the page with you! (about 11 posts up).
I signed up for your mailing list - hope you'll be having more shows in SF soon.
Good luck,

11:49 AM  
Blogger Stina said...

like the art on here. startin the process of looking into shows in SF. suggestions on places to submit art?



11:12 AM  

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