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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Tiffany Schmierer

37" H x 15"W x 10"D
Ceramic, 2005

"I was inspired to make the sculpture "Funneling" when I was thinking about how much information from the media, our schooling, our childhood, etc. that we take in and that shapes us, even if we aren’t aware of it.

The ceramic sculpture Funneling contains fragments of objects (bits of machine-like and organic-like pieces) that are filling a large funnel stacked precariously on top of smaller and smaller funnels. These parts represent scraps of information that are then being filtered down onto the bottom of the sculpture, which is made up of a rainbow of layers. The colors at the bottom have the same palette as the fragments at the top; these layers are like that of an onion or skin and represent building up of layers that become part of our experience and us.
The colors I use are bright and toy-like. I use these colors because I like the tension between the engaging playfulness and the overbearing feeling of the excess and disturbing content in the piece."

By Tiffany Schmierer


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