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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Andrew James Jones

"Nice tits" (2006)
230mm by 330mm
Ink on paper

"I'm not one for pining down precisely what these things are. I may sometimes give them names to pull them closer to the realm of our consensual reality, but I don't wish to cut off the viewers interpretation of what they are by dictating that they are one particular thing. This play between the viewer's imagination and my own is an important component as the ambiguity requires the viewer to invest more of themselves into the work.

Personally it's the notion of the grotesque I find of most interest, I find the idea of the seemingly impossible way it clashes, opposing emotional responses within the same visual signifier, fascinating."

By Andrew James Jones


Anonymous John said...

Really awesome gruesome!

11:07 PM  
Blogger Art and You said...

Exhibition : Andrew James Jones " Billets-doux de la bête noire "

October 3 – 31, 2008

Le Studio Art and You is proud to introduce, for his first Parisian exhibit, an artist whose sense of humor only equals his maniacal obsessional talent. Additionally doted with a unique sense of humor which guides the viewer along the crumpled lines of the kraft paper he uses, Andrew James Jones explores human nature at its worse, in the greatest way and offers a vitriol quality produced by a brilliant imagination...

For more information : ( "Le Studio" section )

Studio Art and You - 14, rue Richer - Paris 9

7:03 AM  

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