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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Kelsey Brookes

"Snake Eyes"
Acrylic and India ink on canvas

"I like to use the internet and books for images of subjects that interest me… lots of other people I’m sure but for this painting there is a specific story. I was out with a few friends at a bar a few weeks ago. It was one of those sports bar type places with a million TV’s situated so you have full view of at least 10 no matter where you are sitting. On one of the TV’s I caught a glimpse of these 2 giant men wrestling in thongs on a little sand covered ring in front of thousands of very excite but reserved fans. I couldn’t stop watching it. Something about the very controlled chaos of what was happening reminded me of exactly what I want my art to feel like…..controlled chaos. So I thought it would be the perfecto subject for one of my paintings.

The painting has no direct or purposeful meaning. I am not trying to say anything or evoke any response except aesthetic pleasure and intrigue.

I had finished a painting just prior to this one using the same quilted background that I used here but the colors were very rustic country colors, closer to period quilt colors, and I wanted to see what the pattern would look like with an updated pallet. I like the way it turned out…..very light and easy to look at. I always know the colors are right if I have the urge to bite the painting. I haven’t quite figured out what this means or why this happens…..but it’s a very real desire I get when I see things I like….this paintings included.

The entire painting is full of symbols that don’t really mean anything. I know this sounds all arty and lame…..but it’s true. The quilt patterns have meaning as do the headdresses and jeweled accessories (historical meaning) but I don’t know the meaning. I just like the way they look. However the tattoo on the Sumo’s belly has both a subtle and very literal meaning. It reads “Pig Pen” and speaks to the corralled chaos and the very large size of the Sumo Wrestler. I would love to see one of these guys enter the Coney Island hot dog eating contest.

This piece took 3 days to make. I'm sad that I am done but excited to start another piece."

By Kelsey Brookes


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