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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Matt Furie

3 inches by 3 inches
micron005 ink pen,
prismacolor marker,
prismacolor pencil

"So i started this drawing in the airport as i was waiting to get on a plane from columbus ohio back to san francisco california. there were people all around in different shapes and sizes. as i was drawing i was thinking about how us humans rule the world and how we eat so much stuff. the view from the airplane window always reminds me of our dominance over the world- how much the earth is transformed to house and feed us homos. anyways, kids were running around the airport drinking cokes as big as their heads and some big ol' midwesterners were eating sandwiches and watching tv. so i just kind of drew the outlines of the figures only half thinking about what i was doing (doodle-style). after i got back to my bedroom in sf, i colored the picture in. i made the parent and child look kind of like hotdogs and i made the background a flat, vast wasteland (my standard background). the parent is manhandling the child. umm...they don't have mouths or noses or ears or clothes because they look better that way."

By Matt Furie


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