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Friday, September 29, 2006

Sarah Spitler

" Cuz it wasn't always what it was but it was always somethin' "
36H X 42W
Acrylic, latex, ink, spraypaint, and graphite on Mylar

"So this, like alot of my work is, in essence, me trying to figure out my own language and re-interpret it visually. I am really influenced by Chaos Theory - what that basically means to me is the potentiality of things. It's really inspiring to think about how small things can have a huge impact down the line, when thought about in terms of contingency, or cause and effect. Everything has the potential to affect everything else in the universe, so I really enjoy paying attention to the way elements in a painting touch each other - it's kind of a reflection of human existence on the planet, but also works in innumerable microcosms - from the prescence of a single strand of DNA in a cell, to the precise position of a planet within a solar system - each defines itself and its contingent elements due to a small variation deep within itself.

The Mylar serves as a kind of "plasma" for all the elements to exist within, yet still remain connected to the world outside and within itself - it's easy for me to imagine tiny worlds that make up the translucency of the material. That, and its milkyness is really attractive to me.Overall, I guess this particular piece is about change, evolution, and potentiality, so that sort of what the title is pointing at."

By Sarah Spitler


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