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Friday, October 27, 2006

Jenn Porreca- The Red House Harlot

"The Red House Harlot"
On found wood from refugee houses in San Francisco, 1906
11x54 inches
For exhibit at the upcoming Gray Area Gallery opening, November 4th, 2006

"The energy of found wood is something that has a huge piece in my art, whether new wood or old, each object painted on has always carried a particular energy. With this piece, I found it interesting how the wood’s grooves, crevices, and old nail holes, guided the spirit of the painting. The wood itself is from refugee housing from after the earthquake in 1906. I found several pieces with a friend out at the San Francisco Zoo to paint on. This piece is layered with a base coat of varnish to seal in any cracks, an overlay of acrylic and multiple layers of gouache. The Red House Harlot piece is a visual fable about a woman who takes to desperate measures in extremely trying times to feed herself and her child. It’s about the struggle of all of mankind after major natural destruction and devastation, and the beauty that still lies within to persevere. It’s got a ton of history in the wood, and it was truly awesome to create a piece of art out of it."

By Jenn Porreca


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