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Saturday, October 21, 2006


Minchi is an artist living and working in Hyogo, Japan.

"Empire of ice"
7.873 x 7.873 inch
Corel Painter

"This painting was inspired by figure skating i saw on the television.

It portrays a feeling of freeness.

The color of the thing is made from a lot of elements. I pull out all the colors that I saw.

It took one week to make."

When asked to reveal one thing most people do not know about her, Minchi's response was:
"I imagine the world, cut out the moment of the world and make it a picture.People say that my picture is grotesque and cruel at time.I like happy ending. However, there must be various difficulties by the time it reaches the happy ending. And, The reality might not severely become a happy ending. I make inward struggle and difficulty a picture. It is a thing that everyone experiences, and will strike the heart of people.The actual world is cruel at times though I do not want the cruel world. I only faithfully draw it. Grotesque and cruel is not the essences of my picture.

By Minchi


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