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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Beth Bojarski

"What lies beneath..."
12 1/2" x 16".
oil painting on wood
Currently on display at Varnish Gallery, SF thru Dec. 9th

"I paint mainly in oils. I have just begun using acrylics as well, but I love the feel of oil paints as you move them around the board. The work I have created for Varnish is for a show entitled "Life Aquatic". After sitting down to begin painting with this theme in mind, I knew I had to start off with a piece about how I hate the water. Why? Because a boyfriend once told me while we were splashing around in Lake Michigan that there was a body that hadn't been found from days earlier somewhere in the lake (he made this up) and if I felt anything touch me, it might be that.

Hence, it's years later and I still don't like the water.... "

by Beth Bojarski


Anonymous butterscotch said...

we just had the pleasure of meeting Beth and seeing her work and fell in love with both her and her pieces! SHE ROCKS! If you have a chance to see any of her work, do it!

I think I am going to save up for one of her pieces...I need to have one.

Thanks for mentioning her on your blog!


7:27 PM  

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