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Friday, November 10, 2006

Micke Tong

"Fate Be the Hand Spike"
Digital Illugraphy - giclee print/wood/resin

"The name "Fate Be the Hand Spike" was taken from a quote from Captain Ahab in Melville's novel, Moby Dick. I believe he lets fate be the destiny of his existence. In this piece I'm trying to tell several stories at once. Two lovers are the only ones to escape a sinking cruise liner only to be possibly smashed by a massive Sperm whale (symbolic for Procreation). Inscribed on the side of the boat in Arabic is "Love of God" which adds to the age old controversy of politics and religion. If you look closely the two lovers kissing are a Muslim woman and a Jewish man. With the Love of God who can stop us? mmmmm, maybe fate?

Much of my work is painstaking hand drawn with a computer mouse, why I haven't moved on to a Wacom tablet is beyond me. At times preparations come from photographs that I have taken or templates from hand drawings. Although a lot of the times I just end up freestyling the illustrations. Those digital stars have become a style trademark for me the past few years and have complimented my work; functioning as sky, clouds and motion. Digital art has come a long way and its in my interest to develop new techniques in this contemporary movement to tell my stories."

By Micke Tong

Micke Tong's work will be on display at Lab 101 and Project galleries in LA in December and is currently on display at Swarm Gallery in Oakland.


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