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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Rene Gagnon

" The Bomber #2"
10 feet X 8 feet
Spray paint, enamel, latex and photocopies on canvas.

"I really don't have a fancy explanation of my work, I've always said that I'll leave that to the critics after I'm dead. But here goes... My work is ALL about the creative energy that flows inside of me. When I walk into my studio the outside world ceases to exist. I transform and give myself fully tothe creative process. I have a motto I live by, Every time I walk through the threshold of the studio I promise myself that today I will do something different. For me, each piece of art I create is part of a life long experiment of media, technique, and concept. Leaving yourself open to experimentation and making it a fundamental part of your work ensures your work will develop over time. I believe that in the same way our audible voice changes throughout life our artistic voice should also sing many different tunes.

My recent series of "Bombers" overlap two concepts, that of a graffiti bomber and a suicide bomber. It is my way of saying to the world that I submit entirely to the creative energy that flows within me and out of me, a martyr to my own cause. When I'm in the studio a war takes place between me and the canvas. There are no rules in my war. Smashing the shit out of the surface with anything I can get my hands on, swinging from the ceiling paint in hand, and detonating spray paint cans are all weapons in my war. When my attack is complete on the surface whatever is left, is my art. I rarely ever rework images. I love to work large, as large as I can afford that week or as large as my studio will accommodate.

I'm just one more confused soul losing their mind on canvas."

By Rene Gagnon


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