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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Tommy Kane

"Homeland Security"
21 X 24 inches
Acrylic on cardboard

"I painted this in response to the way Mr. George W. Bush was handling our war on terror. I always felt old Saddam was a scapegoat for 9/11, but what a perfect guy to be cast as the villain. Following 9/11, the current Bush administration pumped us up with fear and loathing. Now, everyone concedes Saddam was an empty suit without any weapons. Maybe the casting director should be the one to get fired. The republicans had cast George, Rummy and Cheney as the tough guys who never made mistakes and were easily winning at every turn. So in response I cast Phil Silvers, aka "Sargent Bilko" from the old 60's television show as being in charge of homeland security. A conniving sargent whose only skills were 3 card monte and black jack. The writing around the painting is the Transportation Security Administration's helpful summer travel tips to deal with anti-terrorism."

By Tommy Kane


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