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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Pedro Matos


50 X 75 cm

mixed media on 2 framed canvas

"I was inspired to make this painting, right after watching "The Inconnvenient Truth", which made me become even more aware of our planet's situation. The global warming, and all the environmental disaters, are destroying a lot of cities and killing a lot of people, and all of this is Man's fault. That's what I represented, a crying african child, which tend to be the most harmed on most of the planet's problems inluding envorinemtal ones, since they are more vunerable, surrounded with some nature elements and textures [made on the canvas], using the right colours to represent this situation.

It's acrylic, ecoline, spray, pen, and sand paint.

By Pedro Ventura Matos. aka Drone


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