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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Rene Fressola

48" x 48"
Oil acrylic enamel on board

"Generally i work spontanious, i just start with a mark & continue to build on it, sort of like when a dancer makes up new moves, i dance with the canvas an just let it lead me! if it weren't for painting i'd hate to think where i would be,............ pieces can take any where from 3 hours to 3weeks,......colors sort of set the mood for the viewers,..........some serene,some dark & chaotic,....i am fully influenced by the abstract painters of the 40's-50's from new york & california,.... my mood the music i listen too sets the tone for my sessions in the studio."

By Rene Fressola

Rene currently has work on view at CALIFORNIA MODERN GALLERY 1035 MARKET ST bet6/7th streets SAN FRAN till February 3rd.

A little about Rene
"I'm 40 years old from new york, thing people don't know about me would be that i've been painting abstract paintings for almost 20 years. most of my paintings contain, oil,acrylic ,enamel marker, pencil, oil stix, pastels,...........i basically mix it all in an then seal it with a clear satin coat of paint. i will be moving home to new york in april 07 an i might just open my own gallery,.........."


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