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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Derek Albeck

"A Nurturing Hand?"
22" x 15"
Acrylic on Paper

"A Nurturing Hand?" is one of the more recent paintings i've finished for my upcoming show entitled "Born into this...". The new series of paintings takes its inspiration from a mixture of storytelling and contemporary life that are then thrown around in my brain and spit out as a story based on the fusion of both.

Being that I hold a very pessimistic outlook on society, I wanted to create a story that allowed me to free myself from all the angst i was feeling. With the focus on representing a tribe I call the Glums, I decided the story would start out with an escape from society in order to reestablish themselves in an environment that in a way would reflect my own personal utopia (in other words, a happier place).

In "A Nurturing hand?", the individual or Glum is caring for another unborn Glum still contained in its cocoon. The Glums are reproduced in the breeding grounds where caretakers watch over them. The breeding of the Glums in the ground reflects upon the age old issue of nature vs. nurture. With this piece, I began to think about how the nurturing aspect of our existence sets up a lot of the morals and values people consider significant in our society. I began to question whether this is seen as a good or bad thing in todays society and where the concept of free will falls into play. If we are raised to consider certain ideas and beliefs as indisputable, then does free will really have any significance in todays society? Therefore, the title of the piece calls attention to weather this nurturing hand has a positive or negative effect on the individual.

One specific symbol found throughout my work is the teardrop . The eyes of the Glums are represented in a teardrop shape which references the negative emotion associated with the symbol. Although the Glums are attempting to reestablish themselves in a happier place they are coming from one which has left them disheartened. The teardrop symbol is also found in the pattern circling the Glum in its cocoon. The teardrop pattern represents the various aspects of life flowing through each narrative. In certain cases the Glums are able to control these forces, which in turn references the idea that they have once again taken control of their lives.

The piece took me a couple days to finish. I hope this little blurb offers a bit more insight to the ideas working along side the image.

By Derek Albeck

A little about Derek:
Age: 23
live/work: Los Angeles
One thing that people don’t know about you: I once coached a Varsity High School baseball team

Next upcoming show or event:
Born into this...
Opening Reception: Friday Feb 23 @ Blu82 and BM.LA 7-10
2023 Sawtelle Blvd. Los Angeles, CA. 90025


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I enjoy listening to and seeing your work and wish you the best in your career. You have always succeeded in your past and will
forever hold on to that gift.

Dad- 02/23/07

2:22 AM  

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