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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Rex Nickles

Acrylic, charcoal, graphite, spit (for blending n' shading), India ink

I call it "Untitled" only because i think it looks better if it can't be identified. adds to the curiosity..
The inspiration behind the piece was the thought that i could make something look horrifically loud, yet hauntingly quiet at the same time. I try to bring Purgatory into all my pieces. I don't believe in spirits or ghosts or souls or nothing lame like that. but if they did exist, i think this is what one of those things might look like. I'm trying to do something different in the art world. blending spectrums of heaven/hell, right/wrong, love/hate, bliss/torture, so on/so forth. if you went to purgatory, don't you think shit would be in Black n' White?

There's writing in all my paintings. i make it so you can't really read it. maybe spot out a few legible words but thats it. it's not there to be read. trust me, it all says something, but i make it indistinct because it represents the constant murmuring that goes on in my head. it's a hearty blend of confusion and euphoria. and the "mood" reflects the feeling.

This particular piece took a couple hours to make, cause i had to keep redoing stuff. i never plan a painting out. i usually just wing it. I use unrefined techniques when painting. cause i got kicked out of my high school art class for sleeping and creative differences between me and my teacher , and never took a formal class. so, mostly my own. lots of filling my mouth with India ink and spitting. lots of fingertip shading. some scraping with a knife. i think raw technique is best, cause it forces you to use your own natural creativity, not just someone else's.

By Rex Nickles

A little about Rex:
Age: 20
Live/work: Living in Daytona Beach, Florida for the last 4 years. Was born n' raised in East Detroit.
One thing that most people don't know about you:
I got's Borderline Personality Disorder. Which roughly means I'm on the border between neurosis and psychosis. and it makes it really difficult to function like a "normal" person while in public. I dunno, Wikipedia it.
Next upcoming show or event:
how's this for an event: imma live in my car for awhile so i can have more time to develop as an artist, cause as of right now, ideas are flooding my head, and i simply need more free time to work on them all. i've only done one show. it was that Christmas group show Anno Domini I did about a year ago. so I'm available. will work for food.


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