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Friday, September 21, 2007

Lucien Shapiro

" Perched"
magic sculpt, sculpey, chicken wings, and painted with acrylics, wood stain, and inks

This was the start of a new series involving flight, reemergence, and growth. Now when asked to describe my work I usually come off as some sarcastic son of a bitch, this isn't to spite the questioner. It is simply because I feel all art is up to the viewer to decide what it is about, because the minute you start to know every reason why and how you designed that piece maybe you should check your insides and make suring they are pumping rather then ticking. But since some people don't always like that response here it goes.

This piece actually started a month after I put everything in storage, got a car and hit the road for 4 months. He started like all my pieces do, as a head, then a body, later positioned on all fours and finishing with the wings. He is perched looking out upon his next destination, a wandering nomad waiting to find the next quest. Like all people there comes a time when we must spread our wings and sometimes don't quite ever land, this is how I currently live. . In a way it was a self portrait of traveling city to city searching for a new resting point. Animals and humans combined play a huge role in my work, I am trying to build the ultimate fantasy/ reality of the biggest melting pot you ever saw. Most the pieces following this one were based on open arms, flight, and emptying the mind. And yes they are real bird wings and no I don't kill or hunt things to use in my work, I find them hiking, walking, and sometimes rarely I purchase them. thanks and look out for sock puppets they are coming.

By Lucien Shapiro

A little bit about Lucien:
age 28
live/work: currently in NY for work but reside in northern california and anywhere else i can call home
Something most people dont know about me: I paint but rarely show them, and i like musicing but wont tell you what I make, look for it
Next upcoming show.. a few group shows in LA dec. and sf,april and a big city installation/art show march in Montréal


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