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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Crystal Morey

"One Once Loved"
12"x 5"x 4"
Stoneware and under glaze

I want to better understand how we experience emotion, our environment, and how those experiences relate to each other.

I have two interests in making: The first is finding a way to better understand myself and others. The second is in using clay as a vehicle to communicate those understandings. I am most fascinated by nuances that can not be explained though words and find more meaning in objects.

My most recent works explore our separation from nature -- the increasingly common feelings of modern life. They're about where our resources come from and how the ideas of survival and purpose have changed. In particular, this piece is about the sadness and anxiety of no longer feeling comfortable in a natural habitat, and the sense of loss that folllows.

By Crystal Morey

A Little about Crystal:
Age: 24
live/work: Oakland
Upcoming Shows:
Esteban Sabar
480 23rd Street, Oakland
The opening reception is Nov. 30th
The show will run Nov.20 through Dec.16th

Guerilla Cafe
1620 Shack ave, in Berkeley
The opening reception is Sunday Dec 9 from 4-8pm.
The show will run through Jan 28.


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