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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Dan May

"Creative Block"
12" X 16"
Acrylic on Masonite

This particular piece is a recently completed commission where the phrase "Creative Block" was given to three artists' to interpret. I really enjoy projects like this, as they allow for my work to truly shine. I chose to paint one of my more melancholy monsters as the "keeper of creativity." He sits on a solid block of stone, coveting a light bulb containing a butterfly. The trapped butterfly represents potential creative energy. He could set the butterfly free and share it's beauty with the common folk below, but instead he taunts them with it. The commoners are depicted in black and white... they are reaching out, searching for some sort of spark that might fall from above and lift them from their dreary existence. Makes you think how boring our world would be without creativity... certainly not a world i'd like to be apart of!

By Dan May

A little about Dan:
Age: 28
Dan May was born and raised in the suburbs of Rochester, NY. He attended Syracuse University, where he received a BFA in illustration. He spends his days (and nights) painting dreamlike environments that transcend space and time. These delightful yet haunting images are often based in personal observations of both human’s and nature’s relationships with each other, blended with a healthy dose of whimsy, fantasy and cautious relevance. His artwork has graced the pages of numerous publications, and has been shown in galleries throughout the US and abroad. He has received honors from Communication Arts Illustration Annual and American Illustration. Dan lives and works in Atlanta, GA with his beautiful and inspiring wife Kendal and their feisty bird Jax.

Current shows:
"Big Money Art Auction" at Copro Nason Gallery
"Midnight Garden" at Foundation One Gallery


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