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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Kevin Taylor

6 x 9
Materials: gouache, whiteout, graphite
Created in 30 minutes

"Once, when I was visiting a friend in Atlanta, Georgia, we were walking through his neighborhood which is called Cabbagetown. We came upon a nice pile of thrown out goods on the sidewalk. Amongst some other random items, was a really classy, tattered, and ancient notebook. The cover of the book was blank except for a yellow post-it note that read "Poetry from my early teens". Most of the book was empty, but on a few pages there were newspaper cutouts of published poems by whom I believe was the owner of the book. The cutouts were all published between 1925 - 1927. The paper had a great quality and naturally caught my eye. I took the book with the mind to fill it up with some drawings of my own. The image below, "Allegiance", is one of the drawings from that effort. Like a lot of my drawings, I begin not with an idea, but rather a stain. I spill or spit some fluid onto the paper, creating a random puddle of some sort. After the paper dries, I then get to looking "into" the stain for appealing imagery. Once the foundation of the image is established I begin excavating the image from the stain. The drawing is finished when a fully realized rendering arises from the once ambiguous blob. I enjoy this "looking glass" process quite a bit since it always produces some visual that would not have been created through a conscious mind."

By Kevin Taylor

A little about Kevin:
Live/Work: San Francisco
Next upcoming show: The conference room, Feb. 16th, los angeles,


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