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Friday, February 01, 2008

Noah Beil

“Rochester, New York, 2007”
16” x 20”
Archival Inkjet Print

This photograph is part of a series that explores the concepts of home, family, adulthood, mortality, and memory. It was made during a visit to Rochester, New York, where I was raised. I was fascinated by the shape of the snow mound and the way its profile resembled a distant mountain range and contrasted sharply with its location in the parking lot of a shopping plaza.

This project involves revisiting my childhood home, examining my memories, and making images that recreate or are inspired by these memories. This is an attempt to reconcile recollections and imagination, and to document and recreate past events. This process necessitates the creation of a new reality while recording the present. The ubiquitous dirty snow pile, while seemingly innocuous, connotes several winters spent as part of the cross country ski team and the associated ostracizing I received for my participation in such an unpopular high school sport.
By Noah Beil

A Little About Noah:
Noah Beil grew up in Rochester, NY and lives in Oakland, CA.
Upcoming show: California as Paradox: Imagined Communities, Fort Gallery, 83B Wiese St, San Francisco. Opening February 8, 2008.


Anonymous my love for you. said...

awww, noah.
so talented and such a good egg as well...who cares if he was on the cross country ski team it just gave him strong legs plus he does nerd chic so well.

like your blog!

12:46 PM  

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