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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Debbie Horn

"wallet size party cards"
19" x 19"
pen and graphite on paper

I am interested in questioning the boundaries between performance and painting, as well as the relationships between costume and identity. I have begun to develop a visual language that emphasizes attitudes found in my
own experience as a singer and dancer in my band the Go-Going-Gone girls, and I am inspired to reference objects such as fake eyelashes, musical equipment, song lyrics, and fishnets that when grouped on stage are essential
in creating the mystique, but otherwise can be mundane and over looked accoutrements. In exploring these materials from the show, I am attentive to the experience of practicing their arrangements, such as in musical composition, and yet I realize and enjoy the fact that if a line is forgotten or a step is missed, the show must go on! I am searching for new ways to execute these mistakes or uncorrected overlaps. The relationship between rehearsal and painting is significant. The focus of my work lies in these behind the scene by-products, and the palate used is a reference to the atomic space age, psychedelic,botanical, super graphic textiles that I am so inspirited to wear on-stage during a performance.

My latest drawings consist of wallet size song cards that can be cut out and carried at all times. these songs are simple and enjoyable, most importantly:with few chords involved,meaning that anyone can carry these cards and pull them out at any social gathering andcontribute to a good time. The experience can be offered by anyone at anytime.

Instructions: Cut out cards, carry in wallet, entertain with party songs

By Debbie Horn

Thanks Debbie for your contribution of this piece of art to the Silent Auction benefiting!!


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